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The Anti Foreclosure Network is a national unincorporated Private Membership Association. Most of the information on this site is provided to members only. That means you need to become a member of the Anti Foreclosure Network to access most of the information. News reports and resources are free to anyone who visits this site. All other information is available to members only.

Membership requires dues paid for a year at the time of signing up. ($60.00) An installment option was discontinued.

Who We Are And Who We Are Not

WE ARE VOLUNTEERS. Please keep that in mind when you are communicating with us. We do the best we can with the time we have to give. We do not get paid to provide this information to you. The fees we collect are to keep the website up and running, to provide you with certain paid resources and other access such as the feature we periodically use.

We are a group of homeowners who find themselves in similar situations, mostly related to foreclosure. Some of our members have extensive experience in courts of law, others are just beginning. Some of our members are quite versed in court procedure. Others are just learning. Regardless of where you are in the process, members are free to ask questions, share their experiences and offer any information they've learned along the way.

WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS. We do NOT give legal advice. As a group, we share legal information.

We are not saviors. We cannot "fix" your problems. And even if we could, we wouldn't. That's your job. We can help you facilitate your learning so you know how to best combat your process - we can offer suggestions for books to read, show you how to access your court rules so you don't get caught with your pants down when it comes to procedure, we can show you how to search for case law, we can talk about various subjects related to foreclosures ad nauseum until they become second nature to you - but we can't save you. If that's what you are coming to AFN for, then please, look someplace else.

Our Weekly Conference Calls

Our weekly conference calls are both structured and unstructured. If we have something special planned, like reviewing a particular case, or refreshing people on how to search for information or someone running their arguments by the group, we will do that first. There is an email sent out every Thursday morning/early afternoon. There are specific instructions in that email regarding how to get your questions out there. If you're okay with hanging out until we open the call up for questions, then you do not have to follow those instructions. But you should wait until we open the call up before asking. If you want to make sure you get on the list, then follow the instructions in the email. The email is important and explicit. Please read it and follow the instructions.

Your Job As A Member

It is your job as a member to know your situation inside and out. You are the expert in your case. If you are looking to run your case by the membership, make sure you give a COMPLETE picture of your situation and what has happened up to that point. Without a complete understanding of what you're going through and where you are, it's difficult to have a discussion about what you can do to move things forward or change things around.

If you can't be an expert on your own situation, please do not expect us to be.

It is also your responsibility to make sure you READ these instructions and the instructions we send out in emails. We work very hard here at AFN to make sure we are clear about how things work and what the expectations are. We don't want you to miss opportunities to get what you need from the membership because you haven't bothered to read the proper procedure to request what you need.

Miscellaneous Notes on How to Use This Site

There are tabs in the upper bar telling you what each page is for. If there is a "more" button all the way on the right of our site, that is because your screen is too small to show all of the tabs on our site. Click that tab to show the other pages contained on this site. Be sure to mouse click on that tab so you don't miss anything if the "more" tab appears on your screen.

Under the "News" tab you'll find articles relevant to foreclosures. Some we have written and others are reposts from other sources. Be sure to look through them for anything that may be helpful for your case.

Check the "Files" tab often. How will you know when new files are uploaded to the site? In some cases you will receive an email from us. But in other cases, we will simply supply new files without sending an email. To see what has been uploaded recently, go to the Files tab and on the top left, click "All Files." Then scan the top of the list. The newest uploaded files will appear at the top of the list.

What Membership Buys You

Membership in the Anti Foreclosure Network buys you protection within the framework of a Private Membership Association. It also buys you access to information - summaries and links to actual case law that can help in your fight against the banks. We have summarized case law relevant to each state, but, more importantly, we have included federal case law that trumps all other case law to help you defend your foreclosure action. Over time, we will also include examples for responding to Complaints and other allegations to help you fight your foreclosure action.

Check out the files tab and look at the folders on the left. You will find a tremendous amount of information there. And certainly, if you have anything you think should be included in the files section, by all means, email me and let me know.

Please note, we are not attorneys. We do not provide legal advice. We provide this information for informational purposes only.

In addition, membership will include you as a member of our private membership, unincorporated association as a party to any action we may file against any other party.

If You Have Questions

If you have questions in between the weekly conference calls, you are more than welcome to use the contact us feature on the front page of our website. Please be sure to sign your emails with your name so we don't have to go to the membership list to figure out who we're talking to. As we are volunteers, we do our best to respond in a timely fashion. But please be respectful of the fact that we have lives outside of AFN.

Using Our Resources

When you click on the files tab, you will find relevant case law specific to your case. In addition, you can peruse other states for Federal case law that establishes a binding precedent that you can use in your specific case. You should do two things. Peruse each state to see cases, including Federal cases (and in some cases Supreme Court decisions) specific to that state. Remember, Federal case law trumps all other case law that opposing counsel might throw at you, as long as they are PUBLISHED decisions. You should double check to make sure the decisions are published.

You may also be able to use Supreme court decisions in another state besides your own, provided that decision is also published. So you should be diligent in going through the case law published for each state on this site.

Looking for a particular case citation? We do not have a search function on our website. However, you can search for a particular case like this:

  • Go to the files tab
  • Look in the top left corner and make sure you are looking at "all files"
  • Use Control F if you're using a PC or Command F if you're using a MAC --> This will bring up a search bar in the upper right corner
  • Enter just one of the names in the case citation you are looking for - preferably the homeowner's name, not the bank's
  • You will see either "no results" or a specific number of results
  • Continue to press enter through the results until you (hopefully) find the case you're looking for.

Please keep in mind that we are always looking to add new cases to the site. You may email us, but you MUST tell us why this case is important in more than just a couple of words. A synopsis that is actually descriptive is what I need in order to have a prayer of getting it up on the stie. I am only one person. I can't possibly read everything you guys send me. So I need your help in the way of why what you're sending me is important. Thanks!



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